Driving Golf to more profitwith our Solar Solution

As part of the Concept Golf business model there is a drive and ambition to help the Golf industry to work towards being Carbon Neutral but there is a real issue of cash flow, desire to change, time and education around this.

Golf Clubs are either privately run facilities, in which there is a need to generate a profit to remain a club and for any board to continue to support such a business, they are council municipal clubs who struggle to sustain any level, whilst making the game affordable to the taxpayers or they are members clubs, restricted in time by the committees that need to make the decisions over any changes. The committee is one of the best formats for running a members club but unless there is a solid backing to a project then it can be very difficult to take action, even if there is funds within a club.

Solar panels at golf club

How it works

We will take you through the PPA process so that our Partner can reduce your electricty cost


Benefits of the Solar PPA

No up front cost, just reduced electricty costs and protecting you from encreased energy costs.

Solar panels on golf range

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs)

Typically over 25 years but all managed by us to save you time. Also no Planning Permission is required.